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"Scott Whitaker has neatly consolidated the vital truths and fundamentals about what I call "the membership concept," which I have used for my own fortune and for countless clients. His advice is drawn from solid, successful experience, not theory. To be a member, it must mean something and that meaning must be systematically reinforced. Scott knows this!" - Dan Kennedy, Founder Of NO BS Membership

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"Scott Makes It Easy To Leverage Your Expertise Into A Profitable, Monthly Revenue Stream!"

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Why Listen To Me About Launching Your High-Ticket Membership Offer?

You've probably never heard of me. And that's a good thing! Why? Because I know for a fact that you have heard (and probably subscribed) to some of my clients memberships. You see, I'm the guy behind the curtain, working with experts to get their message out to their audience. 

I've worked with people like Dan Kennedy, Kim Walsh-Phillips, Oli Billson, Shawn Buck, and more!
I'm also the author of “Triple Your Membership in 21 Days… and Do It Over and Over Again Toolkit” and “Why People Quit Your Membership and What You Can Do About It.”

I've led membership organizations in both non-profit and for profit companies since 1997. I've built one of largest for profit coaching networks; growing from just 72 members a year to over 3,000 members a year. I know what I'm doing. 

And now, I want to be your "behind-the-scenes" guy, helping you launch your high-ticket membership offer to great success. That's why, for a limited time, I'm giving you FREE ACCESS to the companion course that goes along with this book. I'm going to take you by the hand and walk you through exactly how to implement each step of the F.A.S.T System. 

Normally I sell the course for $1997, but, for a limited time, you get FREE FULL ACCESS with your book purchase. 

The F.A.S.T System To Launching Your First, Or Next, High-Ticket Membership

4 Top Secret Steps That Will Help You Radically Change Your Business, Your Profits, And Your Life!

Scott Doesn't Just Tell You What To Do, He Explain How & Why You Should Do It In Clear, Easy-To-Understand Steps.

"Scott Has Distilled His Experience For Your Benefit. This Is Critical, Vital, In-The-Trenches Training That Will Dramatically How You Think About & Launch Memberships In The Future!"

From The Desk Of Scott Whitaker:

When I set out to write this book, I knew I needed to come up with something so different, so radical, so insanely powerful that it would work no matter what the readers experience level with membership were. 

I set the task for myself to create the ULTIMATE membership book. One where anyone could read it, understand what it takes to start and run a high-ticket membership, and be given the steps to actually see success. 

It was a tall order. I've been in the membership game for a long time and I've seen even the most successful of memberships fail. Creating a successful, long term membership that is profitable for the owner isn't something you can create overnight. And I don't want to mislead you, building a trust community takes time and effort. 

However, I knew if I could sit down and distill the over 30 years of experience I have in my head building, growing, maintaining, and rescuing membership, I could create a book that would enable the reader to have all tools they needed to launch their own high-ticket membership.

And That's When I Discovered The 4 Top Secret Strategies To Launching A High-Ticket Membership F.A.S.T...

Using my intimate knowledge of how memberships work, gained over the main years of building my own membership and working with clients, I discover 4 MUST-HAVE Strategies that would allow anyone with expertise to launch their own membership IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!

That's right. In the course of doing research for this book, I found that all profitable, successful memberships have these 4 strategies in common. Built from the ground up to be sustainable, these strategies have allowed my clients and I to create 6 to 7-figure memberships in record time. 

And that's why I can't give this book away for free. I know almost every other "expert" out there is giving their books away for free. I absolutely can not do that with this book. The information contained within has the power to completely transform your business and your life. 

I'm not joking when I say that following these 4 top-secret strategies will allow you to launch your own high-ticket membership in less than 30 days. I've seen it done over and over again since I started teaching this system to my clients. 

Whether you are launching your first high-ticket membership or your next one, these 4 strategies will set you on the right path and have you seeing profitable results F.A.S.T. 

This information is worth paying for. No where else are you going to find the secrets I give away in this book. Think about it this way, all it would take is 1, just 1, high-ticket member in your group to see up to a 400% return on your investment. And that's just 1 member. If you follow the system, you'll be getting WAY MORE than just 1 member in your high-ticket membership. 

Here's Who This Works For

No matter what market or business you are in, these 4 steps are designed to help you launch a high-ticket membership that will bring you loyal clients and add up to 6-figures and beyond to your bottom line. 

Business Coaches
Information Marketers
Thought Leaders
Course Creators
Authors who desire to create a membership 
And So Many More...

If You've Struggled In The Past To Launch A Profitable Membership, Have Wanted To Start A High-Ticket Membership Group, Or Have Always Wanted A Reliable Monthly Revenue Stream...  

High-Ticket Coach
Is For You!

I've been where you are. I've spent years and tens of thousands of dollars of my own money and my clients money learning these secret strategies. I've taken the pain out of figuring this out on your own. 

Whether you have an existing membership or want to launch a new one, these 4 strategies will give you the foundation you need to move forward with confidence, knowing that you've built your membership on solid ground.

By the time you reach the end of my book, you will have had your eyes opened to what it really takes to see lasting, fulfilling success with a high-ticket membership.

Discover What's Inside 
High-Ticket Coach

Here's A Sneak Peek of the F.A.S.T. High-Ticket Membership Launch System Inside The Book:

Strategy #1: Find Out What Your Audience Desires

  • Secret #1: Never Guess What Your Audience Wants
    Get rid of any chance of missing the mark by figuring out exactly what your audience wants and how to deliver it to them on a silver platter.
  • Secret #2: Focus On Member Success
    The problem most memberships face is starting from the wrong point of view. Build your membership first for membership success, and you'll be 3 steps ahead of everyone else. 
  • Secret #3: Knowing What To Deliver Is Only Half The Battle
    Just because you know what they want doesn't mean you've won. Getting this secret right is the difference between success and frustration. 
  • Secret #4: Leveraging Your Work 
    Once you've invested time and money in creating content your audience is going to devour, this secret will show you how to leverage it to explode your reach.

Strategy #2: Attract Your Right Fit Members

  • Secret #1: The "One Thing" You Need To Get Right
    When it comes to figuring out who fits and who doesn't in your membership, this is the one thing that will give you long-term success.
  • Secret #2: Identify Your "Right Fit" Member
    Use my secret formula to determine who is a right fit and develop "sweet as honey" attractors to get them to join.  
  • Secret #3: Proven Case Study For Attracting Members
    I walk you through an actual case study of a successful membership that will show you exactly how to attract the right people for you. 
  • Secret #4: ​Paint A Picture Of Your "Right Fit" Member
    This helps you focus in on the right people every time you create an new lead generation effort so you are filling your membership with those members who are going to stick around for the long haul.

Strategy #3: Scale Your Sales Without Selling 

  • Secret #1: Pricing Strategies To Help You Launch
    Get this right and you'll have membership flocking to join your newly launched membership
  • Secret #2: Enticing People To Join Now
    How to get people to actually get up and join your new membership instead of just wishing or thinking they should. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL SECRETS I REVEAL. Worth at least 200X what you are paying for the book.  
  • Secret #3: Your First (And Next) Membership Site
    Even if you have no clue what you are doing when it comes to websites, I show you how to get a membership site up and running that provides a frustration-free experience to your membership.
  • Secret #4: Crafting Your Sales Letter To Be Irresistible
    I show you EXACTLY how to sell your membership so that your audience doesn't think you are selling but rather providing an irresistible service they can't live without.

Strategy #4: Turn Up The Volume & Demand 

  • Secret #1: F.A.S.T. Member Launch Checklist  
    Plain and simple checklist to ensure you have done everything you need to see success with your new membership launch. 
  • Secret #2: 14 Day Social Media Buzz Plan
    Get your audience excited for the launch and pre-sold by using my proven 14-day buzz plan that will also have your audience sharing everything you're doing. 
  • Secret #3: Never Stop Marketing
    How to leverage every single new member that joins into even more members without being pushy or sales. 
  • Secret #4: Remembering Your "Why"
    How to stick with your new membership and grow it into an amazing community that can add 6 to 7-figures to your bottom line. 

Get Your BOOK & FREE LIMITED TIME ACCESS To The Companion Course (Valued at $1997),

Only $19.97

I'll rush a physical copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP.

"So What's The Catch? Why Isn't This Free Like All Other Books I See Online?"

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something you want for free in an attempt to get you buy. This isn't one of them. I'm not giving High-Ticket Coach away for free because...
  • Reason 1: I truly believe that this information is worth paying for. And when you pay for something, you pay more attention.  
  • Reason 2: I truly believe that these 4 strategies will dramatically and radically shift your mindset and your business towards extreme success. 
  • Reason 3: I truly believe that if you follow the F.A.S.T System, you will see success and that is worth paying for. 
That's why I'm also giving you FREE access to the companion course that goes with the book for a limited time. I know if you do what I advise, you will be able to launch your high-ticket membership offer in the next 30 days. 

You've Heard What High-Ticket Coach Can Do For You & Your Business...

Now The Million Dollar Question Is...

Are You Ready To Create, Launch and Sell Your High-Ticket Membership Offer??

  • If High-Ticket Coach just helped you finally understand exactly how to launch a high-ticket membership, would it be worth $19.97? 
  • If High-Ticket Coach just helped you fix your current membership, teaching you to think and attracted the type of clients that will stay in your membership longer, would it be worth $19.97?
  • If High-Ticket Coach just helped you realize that you actually can launch a high-ticket membership, and gave you the step-by-step action plan to launching it in the next 30 days, would it be worth $19.97? 

Here's My 'If It Doesn't Work, Don't Pay For It ' Guarantee:

In case you're one of those people who (like me) just skips to the end of the page, here's the deal:

I'll mail you a physical copy of my new book, "High-Ticket Coach" for just $19.97. The information contained in it is easily worth $10,000 or more. And that's why I'm not giving it away for free. I believe if you pay for something, you'll actually act on it, and I want you to act on this information inside of this book!

However, since you are paying full price for the book (that's right, I'm not even discounting it; that's how much I believe this book will change your business and your life for the better), I'm willing to take on all the risk. 

In fact, if you don't love the book, if you don't see how this book can help you finally launch that profitable high-ticket membership you've been dreaming of — just tell me so, and I'll refund your costs (and you don't even have to ship the book back to me).

So, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to get your copy now! You won't regret it.

Get Your BOOK & FREE LIMITED TIME ACCESS To The Companion Course (Valued at $1997),

For Only $19.97

I'll rush your physical copy of my brand new book to your doorstep, ASAP.
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